It's Photo Booth Season!!! (Plus Country Music Wrap-up)

I am back at Autzen Stadium this year in support of Guaranty's photo boot. We have a new mannequin and will be getting an even newer mannequin soon. So far my favorite mannequin has to be the  one we used at Oregon State University last year. He just looked buffer, and most like a football player. Who would have thought that I would have a preference in mannequins? And how many times can I say mannequin in one post?

I will be with Eggie in the Moshofsky Center before every home game this year. Come by, give Eggie a high five, and make sure you get your picture taken with that day's game jersey. We will print you a copy on the spot. Go Ducks!

There's not much to say about Willamette Country Music Festival that hasn't already been said. I went and worked the photo booth, did my Eggie thing, installed signage and had a great time. I had an epic sick day. I think it was bad fish, a gas leak or something. It was awful.

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So Craig is very talented. He took the Eggie photo above. I am high fiving some guy that I see every year at Willamette Country Music Festival. This guy is a huge Eggie fan, but who isn't? I got a ton of hugs and high fives out there. Craig took the concert photo below at a higher resolution, but I am just posting a thumbnail. You can tell there are a ton of people. This event is always well attended. Next year will be the last time this event takes place outside of Brownsville. I guess it will be heading north, closer to Portland. Anyways, have a wonderful September!


Country Crossings Music Festival

I spent August 25 - 30th in Medford at the Country Crossings Music Festival (CXFest). It was super fun, really hot and a lot of hard work. I was doing so much dancing and walking that my shoes melted.

Guaranty arrived on the 25th to set out all of our signage. We setup our marketing materials and fine tuned the displays. I wasn't staying onsite at this festival. I was staying at a local hotel. I go to spend the bulk of my time off (what little there was) at a pool.

There is always a lot that goes into these festivals. I know I have written about this before, so click on the "Country Music" label above if you want to learn more. To the right is a picture of me wading through the crowd by the main stage.

Read more to get a general recap of what was done and I will post links to festival photos.

I spent the festival manning a photo booth and driving traffic to our display. Here is a link to some of the photos that were taken in our photo booth, and here is a link to some general photos from CXFest. To the left is a picture of me with some of my fans. I wear Eggie around to attract the attention of people passing our display. My goal is to get them in to our display, so we can sow the seeds of future RV adventures. We gave away tons of promotional items. Things like LED bracelets, customized cowboy hats and all sorts of other things.

I Coulda Been a Contender - 3 Parodies of Well Known Movies

Every once in a while I get to cut loose, and have some fun doing something ridiculous. This was one of those opportunities. We shot most of this in one day to support the Jordan Kent Skills Camps. It was a lot of fun and I hope we do more parodies with Eggie moving forward.

I could see us recreating some really great movies in the near future. 

Click "Read More" to Watch... If You Haven't Already.

Thanks for watching and let me know what you think.


Lego Project for the Sake of Learning

My wife is an art teacher at the high school and middle school level. As a benefit the school was auctioning off various things and this was one of those things. A kid and two friends of their choice were given paint pens and walked through the process of properly masking things to produce this sort of art work. To the left was the basic template that was provided. The full process was explained from start to finish. We just couldn't have kids spray painting.

I always thought that masking was hard, but over the years I learned how easy you can create things with stencils and through various masking techniques. It was nice to be able to share this with the kids. All the lego people were spray painted with flecks through out, and I can't believe how well the kids did (featured below). I thought maybe my wife did all three... You're basically set up for success with these templates. I have done a bunch go lego people personally and it's always a lot of fun.

Click "Read More" to See my Wife's Lego Person!

It's Frida Kahlo! I can't even believe it. ;)

Yeah, I love all of these. We gave the kids Molotow Markers and Posca Paint Markers. I sprayed Ironlak and Kolour 400 ml. I used some basic masking techniques and a plotter.

Come on Down to Mohawk Tavern!!!

by Jamie Bennett

Here is a commercial we put together at a local tavern in Springfield, OR. It's based on footage we acquired during the Guy Reporting business. I think it turned out well. It's garnered over 2k views on Facebook. There was lot of organic traffic through shares. 2k is a good bit of traffic in my experience. There were also a ton of shares.

Click to Go to Mohawk Tavern on Facebook

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This was shot over multiple weeks, and at various events. The music was made using GarageBand, and the vocals were mastered using Adobe Audition CC. The video was mostly edited in Photoshop, which has some pretty cool video editing tools. 

I hope to keep improving our video capabilities in the months to come. Mohawk Tavern is a great place.

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